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Mark Valentino

Name: Mark Valentino
Accomplishments: Voted Top Male Vocalist 18 times, including 9X winner Top Male Vocalist in the Buffalo Music Awards. 3X Winner Top Male Vocalist for The Peoples Choice Awards. 3X winner for the Art Voice magazine, NightLife winner, & more for Top Male Vocalist. Mark was flown by promoters to NYC to sing on Broadway, in Times Square with members of American Idol
and was recently inducted into the Hall of Achivements.

Former Bands: Hit N Run, American Brass, One Night Stand, Wunderland and Gator. Oh and Hit N Run.
Influences (bands): Steve Perry and Journey, Bruno Mars, REO, Boston, Triumph, Poison, Chicago, Goo Goo Dolls, Rush, Debbis DeYound and Tommy Shaw of Styx and Bon Jovi
Likes: Our friends of Hit n Run who are part of our family. Turkey, Cheeseburgers and Italian Food. Great Legs and Boobies! Puppy Dog eyes. Honest and sincere people. People who have stuck beside me to provide support through the best and worst of times. Family, and people who treat you like family. 
Dislikes: People who think the world owes them everything. Constant complainers, musicians who are more worried about other bands more than their own. Jealousy. People who bash others on social media. Lazy people who lack ambition to be better role models for their kids. Liars, phony people and users. People who blind copy.

Name: Guy Nichols
Instrument: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Accomplishments: Multiple time Top Rock Bassist in the Buffalo Music Awards. Guy was offered a spot performing with National Touring group, Trans Siberien Orchestra. Inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame for Top Bass player and was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for the group, The Trolls.
Former Bands: The Trolls, Winger (Bass Tech for Kip Winger), Release, Rockamania, and the Jimmie Van Zant (of Lynard Skynard fame) band.
Influences (bands): AC/DC, Bad Company, Foghat and anything that ROCKS!
Likes: Family, friends, fishing, water skiing, cooking, Sunday afternoons, and SLEEPING.
Dislikes: People that give you the run-around, telemarketers, and LAST CALL AT THE BAR!

Guy Nichols

Pat Annunziata

Name: Pat Annunziata
Instruments: Organ, piano, synthesizers and Vocals
Accomplishments: 4X Time winner for Top Rock Keyboard player between the BMA's, NightLife and Peoples Choice awards.
Former Bands:  Hit n Run, Image ,
Influences (bands): Yes, Kansas, Supertramp, Genesis, Rick Wakeman, Gentle Giant., Gentle Giant
Likes: Chinese food, Boobies, small portions of food at restaurants and professional wrestling.
Dislikes: Rap music, small boobies, overplaying...double kick pedals in every song and Drama. Airing dirty laundry for the whole world to see.

Name: Annette Falasa
Former Bands: DD’s Ranch, Up All Nite, Freefall, Rare Blend, Urban Renewal and Jagg
Accomplishments: Performed in many local theater productions throughout the years. Opened up for Colin Raye, Randy Travis and Loretta Lynn while with DD’s Ranch. Grateful to use my voice to uplift others, being a positive role model to my god-daughter Sarah and fiancée children.
Influences: Motown, Patsy Cline, Martina McBride, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Shania Twain, Pat Benetar, Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung.
Likes: Cooking and creating, new beginnings, competency, smiling babies, thinking outside the box, scented candles, spending quality time with family and friends, gazing at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and singing.
Excuses, constant complainers, laziness, name droppers, running out of batteries, not being able to find a box of matches, global despondency, airport delays, poor grammar and gum under my shoe.

Annette Falasa

Chris Olivieri

Name: Chris Olivieri
Former Bands: That 80's Hair Band, Spicket and Rushin' Roulette (Rush Tribute Band)
Accomplishments: Nominated Top Rock Drummer 6 times in the Buffalo Music Awards.
Influences: Dave Grohl, Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Danny Carey, Stewart Copeland. Nirvana, Rush, Tool, Coheed & Cambria, Journey, Soundgarden, 311
Likes: Cooking for my family and watching my boys grow up (Love you Jen, Dom and Jake!). Chicken Fingers, Japanese animation, Italian Food, Fantasy Football, Relaxing at the end of a long day, the unfortunate condition of being a Buffalo Sorts Fan.
Wet socks, the months of February-April in WNY (enough already....), going to the supermarket at noon on Sunday.

Name: Jason Drabek - Guitar, Vocals.
Former Bands: Sweatin’ Like Nixon, The Press, Sam Marabella Quartet, The Guilty Party.
Accomplishments: Nominated Best Original Guitarist Twice Buffalo Music Awards, opened up for countless acts while in Sweatin’ Like Nixon including Rusted Root, Soulive, Dicky Betts, Spin Doctors, Billy Sheehan B3 Tour, and Project Object.
Influences: My Dad Chet Drabek, Eddie Van Halen, SRV, Tony Scozzaro, Bruce Brucato, Dimebag Darrell, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Alex Lifeson, Pat Metheny, and MANY more.
Likes: Going to concerts, vacations, Tony’s sugar waffles, Polish cooking, Italian cooking, Bills games, pool days, snow days, courteous driving, animals, a good cigar, mob movies, and doing all of it with my friends and family.
Dislikes: Bad driving, the state of current music, mid-winter, haters, Facebook, One Direction, Justin Bieber, expensive concert tickets, people who start fights.

Jason Drabek

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