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Good morning, My name is Beth. I am co chairing the New Year's Eve party at in Ellicottville New York this year. I am wondering if you are available to play between approx 10:00pm till 1:30am and if so what's would your charge for such an evening be? Could you also provide with rates for other time frames in the year? Thank you

Looking for a band to play at Gratwick Hose Fireside pub. Looking for a price and what days you have available in September or October Thank you
Mark L

Hi, just wondering if you were available to play for a party on 8/12 around 6pm. Thanks

Hi Mark, Just circling back- we are considering extending our very successful Food Truck Friday through September. Do you have any Fridays open 5:30-9:30 in September? I would like to get pricing for next summer. Thanks!

I figured you would already be booked :) do you have any recommendations for other bands? Thanks! Well keep you in mind for next time!

Hi! We are starting to plan an event for two of our neighborhoods. One in East Amherst, and the other in Hamburg by southwestern and pleasant! We were looking at august 12th and 13th from 1:00-4:00. Are you available those days? How much is the cost of the band? What would you need to set up? Thanks

We did not just break the record, we blew it away. Thank you for your help
Terry Goracke (Queen of Heaven)

Hello, I am putting together a corporate event for Delaware North at Key Bank Center to take place on August 18th from noon to 3 pm and would love to have Hit N Run perform. What is your availability for that date/time? What is the cost? What would we need to provide? I look forward to hearing from you! Many thanks,

We would like you to be a part of our 2018 Independence Day celebration called Pride In The Park. It is an all day music celebration along with a classic car show. The event ends with a large fireworks display set to music. The date for 2018 is Saturday July 6th, please let me know if you’re interested or not.

Hi, Mark! Hope you are well. I wanted to check and see if you are available again for our Gala on January 20, 2018. We absolutely LOVE having you there. Can you check your schedule and let me know if you can do it again for us? Thanks! Best,

Hi Mark, While the final numbers are not all in yet, we anticipate another record breaking year (based on the preliminary sales numbers). Hit n’ Run played a big part in our success, thank you! We would like to ask you to play @ next year’s Burgerfest which is scheduled for Saturday, July 21, 2017. Hope you are available. Again I can’t thank Hit n’ Run enough for their great performance, which helped to make Burgerfest such a success.

Congrats on breaking records at 4 out of your last five shows. I have been a huge fan for years. Your band is the hardest working band that I have ever seen. You deserve every accolade that is sent your way. Keep playing music so that my friends and I always have a place that I know will be packed and have music sounding like the original for 4 hours straight.

Good Afternoon, My name is Hilary and I work at the Campus. We are having our Annual Resident Picnic on August 29th at 4pm and are looking for a live band to play. Are you available to play? If so, what’s your charge?

Can you guys play Hotel California and dedicate it to Bill? I think your group does such a great job on it.

Hi, my name is Jenine, I just wanted to shoot a quick email about the carnival tomorrow night. I am going to be at Queen of Heaven tomorrow night with my cousin Mary Beth and her fiancee Justin, and the rest of our family to celebrate their "Jack and Jill" joint bachelor/bachelorette party! It was super important to both of them that we planned the day sometime in the summer to incorporate an lawn fete and your band, because over the years, seeing you guys at different beer tents has been one of their favorite activities to do together! I don't know if you would do this, but it would be so amazing if maybe you could just throw out a song dedication, or a "congrats Mary Beth and Justin!", or just any other acknowledgment.

Thanks for an awesome performance! I will be in touch next year re: 2018 dates!
KIM (Old Falls NF)

Hi Mark, We are all set for Burgerfest. I have attached the parking passes. We have scheduled Hit n Run to start performing at 7:30 and ending at 11:30 pm. Widow Maker will be performing immediately before you, between 3:30 & 6:30You can pull into the driveway to the Village parking lot, from Union Street between Buffalo and Center Streets.

Thank you for the many years of great music and great times.

Hello I hope you are having a great summer! I just wanted to reach out to you with reference to the Lawn Fete next week with Hit N Run playing on Friday. Please let me know if there is anything you need! Thank you for coming to celebrate the SJV 25th Anniversary Lawn Fete!

Was at Old Home Days and Hit N Run were fantastic! They played and It was so much fun and they really get the crowd going. Enjoy listening to them every year!
Leslie P

I am looking for opening acts for our 2018 summer concert series. Our concert series called "Music Mania Mondays" runs each Monday Night from the 2nd Monday in June through the 2nd Monday in August. We have over 30 corporate sponsors and are backed by the two largest classic rock radio stations in Buffalo 97 ROCK and Classic Rock 104.1 If your interested in being a part of next year's series please get back to me. Sincerely Yours,

We’re so excited to have Hit 'N Run perform at our concert series this Friday, June 30th.

I have seen Hit n Run for years now. Saw you recently and wanted you to know that the band is still fantastic. My friends and I had a great time. A few have never seen you and are now groupies.

Hi! We are interested in booking Hit n Run for a large event we have planned. Please email us back with booking information.

Your personal support is beyond what anyone person could imagine possible. It is above and beyond what "Family" brings to the table. You are an amazing supporter of my efforts. The mere words of THANK YOU seem so short to truly express my love, appreciation and friendship of you. In closing thanks for coming into my life! With friends like you, you make the path easy to succeed.
Dan Ruggiero (One Lucky Guy!)

Hi Mark, Hope your summer is off to a great start. I just wanted you to know that you can list the Hit n Runs gig dates on the Buffalo Music Hall of Fames (since you are a member). Your fans can then easily follow where you and other BMHOF bands are performing. Take care,
Carolyn Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

Good Morning, We would like to have you play for us at our car show August 2nd.We have car shows every Wednesday and We were wondering if you guys would like to play here. We have a stage. Please let me know, so we can start planning for this day! If you were interesting in meeting us and looking around, please call me. Thank You!!

Can you book us for July 1 st next year 2018
Paul (Hollowfest Clarence)

Happy Tuesday! I worked the beer tent this year on Saturday night as St Marys!! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your 4 hrs of your music! I had happy feet all night long. I am the assistant director for a home that takes in women and children that have been abused due to domestic violence. Our big fundraiser is coming up Friday Oct 20, 2017 at Lucarellis Banquet Center. It is a tasting of local food and spirits I am inquiring about booking you that evening. I have no idea what your fees are or if available. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Once again thanks for making my 7 hour shift of selling beer tickets very enjoyable. The evening actually flew by due to your talents! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you. Best

I looked at your calendar is the band available to play at the Outer Harbor on 8/3/17 from 7-10pm and what is the cost?

Looks like we are on pace for a record crowd at the Taste of Buffalo

Thanks, Mark Are you booked for New Year’s Eve?
Alison Buffalo Marriott

Thank you again for Friday. You have a wonderful band. Everyone really enjoyed the evening and the music at St Gregory the Great.

Hello Mark, you sounded great last night. And it was nice to see you! FYI you looked pretty happy too! I'm glad for you !!!!
Tom W

Crushed the numbers for Queen of Heaven. We set a record on Saturday at Queen of Heaven.
Terry and Judy

Good Morning! We had 145 cars showed up that day! We advertise with 97 Rock. So if you do decide to play here, we would start advertising the shit out of it. Our cars show already started, we do them every Wednesday unit Sept 27th. Unless the weather starts nice in Oct we will continue them! We would love to have you guys here! Thanks

My name is Kaleigh and I run a bar, Rookies on the Lake, in Dunkirk, NY. I've heard great things about your band and would love to have you play at our bar. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thanks Mark! Great photo! Yes, we had the best year ever. Looking forward to another one next year. Once we have the dates set, we will let you know. Hope you can come back! Thanks,
Heather Clarence Hollows

HI, We recently set a wedding date for Nov. 10th, 2018. We love Hit & Run, and were wondering if you do wedding receptions. If so are you open 11/10/18, how long do you play and what is your rate?

Hi! I was wondering how I can book your amazing band for my wedding this fall? Thanks! Thank you! I have seen your band many, many times. West Seneca days, st John vianney church lawn fete, macaroons, that place up in east amherst. Many more places/times I can't even recall. And of course your amazing drummer I've see since way way back in that 80s hair band at a bunch of venues. We are expecting 100 people either Oct 28th or Nov 4th. We are booking a reception hall this week (in the west seneca/op/Iackawanna area) and then the date will be definite - looking at your online schedule, you don't show anything booked for either date....

Hello Mark. Jim from LADS Pet Supplies. Hit N Run performed at our open house at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville back in 2014. We are returning to Holiday Valley on Tuesday August 29th. I was checking your availability. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Another fantastic show last night. Thank you for providing us with excellent entertainment and a good time !

Looking to see if you are available to play at our family picnic at the Moose Lodge, on Sunday August 27, 2017 from 6:00 to 10:00. Need cost. Thank you.

I was wondering how much do u cost for a private party. It would be inside for 4 hours at polish falcons on broadway or we can do the patio too.

Hey guys, I'm looking to have a surprise B Day Party for my wife who will be turning 40 years old next year Aug (2018). I am just curious what your private party going rate are. It's at my residence in West Seneca for now but the location is subject to change. Please let me know any details (prices or packages) you can provide for me. Hope to hear from you soon!! Thank you,

My company is hosting a Masquerade Holiday Party for 200-250 people on Thursday December 7th at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. 5:30-8:30PM. Are you available and what would the cost be? Make it a great day!

Hi Mark,, Just checking in to confirm Hit n Run playing in Pendleton Friday August 18? We are excited to have you! I was telling my cousins about it at Christmas and low and behold, they know you! Paul and Kevin Batt! Small world. Look forward to hearing from you,

I brought two friends from the gym with me to your show, Adrienne and Amy teach with me at the gym, they had so much fun, I think you have two new goupies!!!! Always fun!!

Hello, We are looking to confirm that Hit and Run is not available to book the evening of Saturday, August 19, 2017. Your website currently has that date booked for Annunciation in Elma. If this is not the case and you are available, we would love to have your band as our entertainment for the night. We chair an annual outdoor party at a Yacht Club. The event usually draws 150 guests. Regardless, would you also send pricing and contract information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you available to play at a private party for our 25th anniversary at Park Country Club 7:30-10:30pm. We saw you at the Cove. We've seen you several times at Santoras, Clarence Festival, other venues. Please let me know availability and pricing. Thank you.

Wondering if you are available july 14, 2017? We are looking for a band for friday night. If you could let me know either way it would be appreciated. Thank you,

Band Members, I have been following your band for a few years now. I think the first time I saw your show was at the Queen of Heaven 6 or 7 years ago. I had such a great time I started looking up to where you are playing. Always a great show. You pulled me up on stag 3 years ago at the taste of Buffalo show along with another vet. It was amazing. Then maybe two years ago, you started showing off your coins that other vets gave you, I love it! I say all that to say this: I dragged a few of my friends to your show last year at the river festival. We had a few beers during the day, so the six of us piled into a cab I saw this girl there and my buddies girlfriend went up to and asked if she wanted to meet me. She wandered over with her crew and we met. Well last Friday we got engaged and we are going to celebrate with friends and family this weekend at your show. Thanks for putting on a great show or I would have never met the love of my life.

We have not received the final numbers yet, but based on the sales and the amount of people in the tent, this has got to be the biggest crowd we ever had at this event.

If you could at some point give a little shout out to Lisa and tell her thanks for being awesome! She loves country so if you could play something to follow that would be great. Thank you,

I am putting together a food truck event beginning June 30 and running every Friday through August. The night will feature food trucks, live entertainment, family friendly activities and bar sales in our large parking lot facing Millersport Rd. If it rains, we plan on the bands playing in our restaurant in the hotel. Would your band be open June 30 , July 7, July 14 or July 21? If so, please let me know your fee. Thanks!!

Hello there:)))) Wanted to let you all know what a huge fan I am. I'm a Buffalo native, and live in Tampa Fl. now. Every summer, my family and friends meet at the Queen of Heaven fest. We love singing and dancing with you all. I for one can appreciate a great band. Thank you

Hi Mark:)) We are always on your left of the stage. It's where we all meet friends from HS, and family. Usually, we're there early, until they kick us out. My Fiance is very familiar with you're band also.

Dear Hit N Run, I'm reaching out on behalf of Papi Grande's restaurant, and exploring the feasibility of featuring live entertainment on the new open-air patio bar. We're seeking established local bands with a following for weekend gigs. Please let me know if you have any interest, and your rates and availability. Your feedback and guidance regarding this process would be most appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you,

I cant believe it took us so long to see your band. We heard many of our friends talk about your shows, but with 3 kids and work, we don’t get out much. Now can After seeing your show, we now see why our friends go every week. We will see you again before the end of the summer.
Ryan and Sara

Hi, The American Legion Post in Lackawanna is interested in talking to you about having you perform at the post. Could you please contact us. Thank you.

Good afternoon Mark, I have owned my restaurant for a little over a year now. We have had bands play consistently. My capacity for the restaurant is 270 without the patio (which holds another 75 with a full operating bar outside). We also have booked multiple acoustic acts and this summer are doing an acoustic Sunday on the patio. We were almost beyond capacity and had a line outside for people waiting to come in. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and even if you are unable to do the Halloween Party, perhaps we can book a date in November or December. Thank you!

Congrats to my favorite party band from WYRK! Impressive!!!

Good evening again, I sent an earlier email asking if we can book you in July or August. I was also interested in booking you for our Halloween party that we throw. The date I was interested in is either Friday October 27th or Saturday October 28th. 9pm start time for all shows. Looking forward to hearing back. Thank you!

I am interested in booking Hit and Run for our backyard party next month. Can you call me and let me know your availability and additional information that you need?

We would like for Hit n Run to be our season ending act for our Wednesday concert series. You do such a great job getting people here. Can you let me know if you are available?
Peg (Riverfest Ohio St)

Anyone knows Hit n Run is the band to see in the summer at the outdoor events. But it was nice for WYRK to announce it and put it in writing to the public.

Hello, I have a request for your set during the this week’s show. My sister is a huge fan. Can you give her a special shout out at your show? She is a huge fan.

Looking to see if the band is available to do a blow-out party on July 3rd in Williamsville. I can be reached at XXX-XXXX. Thank you!!!
Steve G

Hi Mark, Can you give a call tomorrow afternoon on my mobile , say around 2:30 p.m. I want to slot some dates in for you at Seneca. Thanks!

Good evening, I am the owner for a P.U.B in Niagara Falls, Ny. I was wondering if I can book you for either Friday 7/14 or Friday 8/25? I would also like to book for future dates as well. Hopefully one of these dates will work. Thank you!

Hello, I looked at your schedule and it says you are booked for Saturday June 30th which is actually a friday. Is this a misprint? Was looking for Friday June 30th for possible booking. Please let me know Thank you
Jodi N

Hi, I can't seem to find Tropical Dreaming in Lancaster, as is on your schedule for 4/22? Could you tell me where they are? Thank you.

Hi, I’m just checking to see if you are available Friday, August 4th for a graduation party at a Pavilion for about 100 people. If so, how much would it cost. Pavilion is in Tonawanda. Thank you for your time!

Hi, I was just wondering how much it would be to book for a few hours for a graduation party.

I would like to book Hit N Run as the headlining act on Friday, June 30th from 7PM-10PM. As a reminder, Old Falls Street will be providing sound as part of the set up. Thanks,

Can you let me know if Hit n Run is interested in performing for us again at Salvatores, on Friday, Feb 9th , 2018 at Salvatores from 8-12

Hello, Thank you for considering our event. Would you have August 19 or 26 available?

Just want to say you and the band sound awesome.
Tony Scozzaro

Mark you didn’t make it to St Stans?
Mark T

Can you please add to your song list at Tropical Dreaming, Dirty Deeds?

Hello, Old Falls Street is currently looking for headlining bands for their 2017 Friday Night Summer Concerts Series. These free outdoor concerts consist of an opening band performance from 5pm-6pm, a headlining band performance from 7pm-10pm, and end with fireworks being launched over the falls. Concerts take place on the corner of Old Falls Street & Third Street in downtown Niagara Falls. The series also features food & beer vending, Old Falls Street’s Backyard Board Games and local merchandise vendors. Please let me know if you have any of the following dates available. Thanks and I hope to see you on Old Falls Street this summer!

Hi Mark, My fiancé and I work in medicine so we have unusual work schedules. Like I previously mentioned we are very familiar with Hit n Run from growing up in Cheektowaga and various lawn fetes over the years. If you and the band are interested for our date please let me know a quote. We are having a large wedding (almost 300 guests) and really would love to have your band. Thank you,

I forgot how good you really are. Love that song!

Hello! I was wondering if you had availability to play at a private party on July 7, 2017? If so, how much do you charge for 3/4 hour gig? Thank you!

Hi, I volunteer as the social media manager for BurgerFest and wondered if Hit N Run still has a Facebook page. Obviously, I'd love to link to it whenever possible during the coming months to promote your band's appearance at BurgerFest. Let me know - thanks!

Mark, send me a list of dates that you have available for Santoras.

Hello Mark, Thank you for the timely reply. The event will be held on a closed street next to my home in south buffalo. We are business owners in the area and have closed the side street for events in the past. I expect 60-80 people. I would be looking for 6-10pm, but am flexible with time. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you,

Please save the June 16, 217 date for St Gregory the Great. We definitely want you back this year.

Can you play Sweet Child of Mine this week and have dedicate it to Jodi?

Hey Mark, I hope all is well. Are you folks available for Dival Feb 9th, 2018 at Salvatores

And you just cant kill the beast. Great job on Hotel California, not just singing but the lead guitar going back and forth was even more impressive.

Hey Mark, My name is Yves. Myself and Rob the Arena exclusively. Rob said that your band HIT & RUN has been confirmed by Jose for an engagement at Pulse Arena. It’s a pleasure dealing with you. Regards,

Awesome job cuz! You know that I am a big fan. Now I get to show the rest of the family that video of you singing and playing guitar.

Your guitar player, Jay is scary good!

Hello, We are interesting in booking for our Wedding which is 3-17-18. If someone could let us know if you have this date open & pricing we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,

HI - I’ve seen you guys many times ! Always a great show!!! We are having a private party at the Buffalo Launch Club ( Grand Island ) for my 50th Birthday and wondering about your availability - and pricing if you would be interested. Probably 50 - 75 people - just a party, nothing stuffy - with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres . Party starts around 7 - band probably around 8. We want to be dancing all night!! Let me know on availability and interest. Thanks so much !

It is nice to see Chris smiling and having fun on the drums.

Mark, I have you confirmed for both nights for the fair.

Can you send over your song list for the wedding. The date is Sat Dec 2nd at the Lafayette hotel. You will be in a big room on the first floor.

Nice job on the 4 non blondes song. That is fun to watch the crowd.

Hello, You guys are great! We have hired several local bands for outdoor parties at our home in the past. I am looking for a band to perform at an outdoor engagement party on August 12, 2017. Could you tell me if you do these types of events and what is the price for 4 hours. Thank You,

I had a ton of fun I’ll need to come by again! Thanks for the picture and the shirt =p

Hello! My name is Megan and i am inquiring as to whether you have availability on Thursday June 29th. And if so what your booking fee is. Its for a company annual boat party down town. It would be from 230-530 onboard the ship (miss buffalo i think its called??). I sincerely appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!

Great addition on the Grease song. You tow sound great together on it.

Hello! I'm planning a wedding on September 2nd, 2017 in Derby, NY and wanted to ask if you do weddings? And What is your rate for approximately 4-5 hours? My fiancé and I are in the military, currently stationed in California. I've never seen your band but a high school friend of mine highly recommends you! Thanks in advance!

Can I get a picture with the band to send my friends that moved away?

Hi Mark, So I got back great feedback from Jose when he saw you in the Event Centre, and gave me the greenlight to Book you guys at the Pulse Casino Niagara. Here are some options for you to look at. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if any of these can work for you. Thanks!

I would like for you to play the Alden concert in the park again this year. If you are interested, let me know.

We want Hit n Run back this year at the IOP carnival. Date is set Sat August 26.

Hello Mark, Wondering if Hit N Run is available on Friday 7/21/17 for the SJV Lawn Fete? Thanks,

Hi Mark Kevin from the Jolly Boys. I am hoping you guys are good for Thurs night on the Island, July 13th. Would love to have you guys a mainstay of the week.

Hello, I am inquiring about cost for playing on May 5th of this year at Riverworks from 7-10 PM. I need to know how much of a deposit to leave, when final payment is due, and if you have the date available to perform at our event. Thank you!

Give me a few dates for choices and I will see if I can switch things around. March 10th works OK.
Dave Buffamonte Rockstarz

Hi Mark, I got this message from our friend John K. Can you ask Mark from Hit and Run if he can play Saturday, Sept 2 for my nieces wedding on the lake in derby?

Mark, Thank you for the updated address. We will be having our first planning meeting of the year tonight and I am wondering If Hit n Run would be available and/or interested in playing again this year? The date is June 16, 2017. If you would let me know that would be great. Thanks and have a wonderful day,
Cheryl (St Gregory the Great)

4 shows sold out last month with local bands at the Tralf. Let’s get a date booked in March.
Tom Barone

What a great crowd at the Cove, especially on a January snowy night. Your band sounded great and should be proud of how much people get into your entertainment and how happy you make people in the crowd. That guy that was on stage for cake by the ocean was fun to watch. I always know there will be a large fun crowd and a good time at a Hit and Run show.
Big Mike

June 16, June 17 or Both. How about also Wed August 30th for Riverfest on Ohio St? 8/30 is the last night. I reserve the first Wed in Sept if there is a rainout.

Hi Mark, It’s Diane from the Carousel. We are just now putting our schedule together and are hoping you are available to play opening night of the fair 8/9 and the first Friday night. Thank you-

Hi Mark, we Booked Dec 2nd at the Hotel Lafayette for our wedding. Can you please let me know if you are available?

Great new songs. Love, love loved Cake by the ocean and Shut up and dance.

Hi, Mark! Thank you SO MUCH – we heard so many people tell us that they were glad you are back with us. As always, you did a fabulous job!!! Thank you again – and please tell your band mates how wonderful they were, too! Best,
Karen (JDRF)

What dates are you available for Jack Devines in Wheatfield?

We would like to have you back for our Make a wish fundraiser at the Hyatt again this year on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 from 9-11:30. Set-up preferably at noon.

Just want to make sure you received my request for the web link and approval for RUN716. Also Wed August 16 is confirmed for the Moonlight Run.

Hey Jason missed you at your wife’s show.

Saw that Guy was on Tour helping with Yes. Tell him the Hit and Run regulars are going stir crazy an going through HNR withdrawal.

hi folks, availability on 3/4 for a club engagement? what do you guys do as far as time for a set?

Pat, you need a Keytar.

Hi Mark, So the guys are going to check you out this Saturday upstairs at The Event Centre. I want to give you some options that I have available for Pulse, let me know if any of these dates could work for you. I’m pretty confident they will like the act. Let me know a.s.a.p. so I can put a hold on the date! Thanks!

Thank you for my song.

Hi! My name is Alicia. I belong to Sunset Bay Fire Hall and we are planning a fundraiser for our fire company in June of this upcoming year and would love to book a band. Can you give me some information about pricing, how many hours you play and how it goes when you are booked?

Hi just wanted to make sure you received my last text....please feel free to call me... I am going to be booking a venue this spring... Most likely in the city of Buffalo, downtown...7-11...Thanks

Hit n Run needs to learn that new Justin Timberlake song.

i am interested in hiring you for our wedding in sept 8 2018 at woodlawn. can you please give me estimate i can be reached at this number. thank you

Nice job Pat and Annette on sweet child of mine.

Hi I was interested in pricing and booking for a private home party! If someone can get back to me with further details and information that would be great! Hope to hear from someone soon! Thanks in advanced!

Mark, I'll be back home around 8pm tonight if you can call me then about the Queen of Heaven dance in March. Thanks,

Hi Mark, just checking of Aug 6th is available and the cost. AM 15k race start and party at flying bison brewery. Thanks

Hi Mark, I've heard great things about your band. Please work directly through Rob who books Pulse (formerly Stir) for us. I've also cc'd the Pulse Arena Manager who works hand in hand with Rob on all bookings. Best Regards! Sincerely,

Hi, I have taken over booking the bands at Templeton Landing and I am interested in booking Hit N Run, for this summer. I am wondering what Fridays and Saturdays they still have available for the months of June, July and August, as well as what the charge is for them to do a four hour gig. Thank you,

You can’t help but move your feet when Mark starts singing!! 2 young lady’s moving their ol’ bones. Thanks Mark!!!

Hi Guys, We have penciled in a 4pm arrival time for this Saturday, is it possible for an earlier time in the afternoon like maybe 2pm? Thanks.

Any dates available for Rockstarz. Let me know what you need, we have in house PA

The band was great at the recent show!

HI Mark, Can you give me a call in the next day or two so we can talk about Seneca Casino. Thanks!

I am looking to book a band for June 29 or July 6, 2018. How do I go about this? How much do u charge for a 7-11 evening? Everytime I have a party I look on your schedule and u r already booked... Just looked for Aug 5... Anyway I figured I better get u early.

You’re hired!

Mark, I'm trying to bring back the Spring and Fall Dances. Was wondering if Hit N Run would be available for Saturday night, April 1, 2017. Unfortunately, that is the only open date available for the Parrish Center this Spring. We have a committee meeting this Tuesday, January 10th and I would like to have this set if you're available. You may reply to my email here, or call me on my cell. Thank you,

Chris, you should get the band to do another Rush song.

Aug 16th is the moonlight show in 2017. Wanted to confirm that Wednesday.

Mark! That was a rockin’ good time, as always!

Hi Mark, can you call me about having the band at the Casino in Niagara Falls.

We would like to have Hit and Run play both the Friday and the Sunday for the Labor Day weekend Clarence Center Carnival.

Hi Mark, Lets talk tomorrow afternoon about our event, here is my contact info again. Thanks!

Thanks Mark. Let's go with Saturday August 19, 2017 from 7-11pm. Please send me the details. We will hire the sound man - any recommendations? Thanks.

Can you get a fill in for Guy and play New years eve?

Hi Mark - Hope you're doing well. I'm putting the sched together this week for The Dock next summer. Can we get an HNR date confirmed? Thank you, sir!

If your schedule changes and your bass player does not go away over the holidays, let me know about playing at Banchetti’s for New Years eve. Also save me a date for Groovin’ in the Grove this summer.
Mike R

Mark, is June 17 or Aug 19 available for a date in Boliver? Pretty cool place, bands like it there. If yes, price needed with ur PA

I talked to the committee, since you are already booked on July 1 and could not do it that day. We have 2 other dates, Saturday July 22 and 29. So check these out and call me back.

Hi Mark, This is Ashley Z, Kelly's friend. My fiance and I recently set our wedding date for September 23, 2017 and were wondering if you and the band were available by any chance? We were also wondering what your rates are for weddings. Thanks!
Ashley Z

Thanks Mark. Looking forward to having Hit 'n Run at our 2017 picnic. Have a great Christmas.

Your guitar player is really very good. I was watching him play at Santora’s recently and was very impressed.

It was a blast jamming with Hit n Run

Hey Mark are you guys playing New Years? Think you guys should play at my place (Banchetti’s) with the Nerds in the other room. Craziest party in town (with your two bands). Give me some good news that you will do our NYE party.
Mike R

Can you confirm if you can do our show on Sat Aug 5th?

Dude, your voice gets better every year. It was a bummer that mine checked out on me. I’m still hacking away with bronchitis. Oh well, maybe (I can sing with you) next year. Here are links of a few tunes that I used to do with Venus Taxi (almost 20 years ago). Do you do any of these?
Jeff R

Hi Mark, I got the other band to play earlier. Can you definitely play the (later) 3:30pm spot on Sunday? Let me know. Thanks

Is Hit n Run interested in playing at the Cove for New Years Eve? I spoke to Pat a few months ago and was we were hoping Hit n Run would be available and able to do the show here.

My name is Eileen and I'm a friend of Ann S who recommended you. I'm very interested in booking you for my wedding on Saturday November 4, 2017. Please respond either way and let me know if you're available Thank you

I am genuinely excited to hear back from you and hope we can add you to our line up! I know you have quite a following and look forward to your energy and talent at our event! Warmly,

Mark, Hope all is well? Just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed watching you guys play. The band is awesome. You guys have a ton of energy and obviously love doing it. Have a great Christmas and Thanks for the music!
Joe U

We have a few new songs we want you to learn.

I am having my company holiday party downtown next-door to Pearl Street Brewery and looking to see if you band is available and if you are, how do you figure on pricing. Please call me directly on my cell phone. Thank you
Frank T

We are looking to book bands for our Fridays Jan – March 2017. Let me know your available Fridays as well as pricing. Venue is on Transit near Millersport. 9:30pm to 12:30am. Thanks,

Mark - I would like to invite Hit n' Run to perform at the 2017 Annunciation Picnic, Friday August 18, 2017 from 7-11pm. Please let me know if you are willing and able to do it. Thanks.

Are you playing anywhere on NYE? We love to get a room and watch Hit n Run and party with friends all day and after the show in the hotel rooms.

Can Hit n Run play our holiday party again this year. The Date is Mon, 12/19.

Mark, Hello. Rob here from 14HH. Working on the lawn fete and we would like hit n run to play on Sat Aug 5th next year. Are you guys able to?

Next year Halloween, want to do week before so no competition can you lock in?

Hi Mark, We have it already planned for Sunday. We'd like you to play from 12-3pm. It will be super easy for you guys to get in and get out and then you can walk around the Taste if you'd like. I think there would be enough parking for you to keep your cars parked behind the stage until the Taste closes at 7. Thanks,

All set for Friday, Nov 4th at Nashville’s II (Old Howdy’s on Main Street by Transit). POF has free entry, no cover charge from 6:30-7:30 and we will have an complimentary appetizer plate out. After 7:30 normal cover starts and the band goes on at 8pm. We can celebrate your birthday together.

Hi Mark - it's Rebecca from St Peter & Paul School. Our 5K race committee would love if you would be able to play at our race on Saturday, May 20th again this year (our beer tent made more than ever with Hit-n-Run). Would you please let me know if you are available. Many thanks –

Hello, I am interested in booking your band for our town Festival in Pendleton, NY next August 18th or 19th, 2017. Please let me know your availability and fee as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you! Warmly,

Happy Birthday, Mark!
David C

Good Morning Mark, Just getting ready to lay out next year’s flier for our “Tropical Dreamin” event April 22nd 2017. Want to know if I can use the same photos of the band for it, or do you have others you prefer. Thanks,

Just checking…did you get a chance to check on that June 2nd (Friday) date yet buddy

Hey Mark, Happy birthday. Is it 39 or 101?
Scott C

I wanted to let you guys know. Seeing you guys perform is my more fun night out! I appreciate being able to let loose, forget about life for a bit and enjoy your music/performance :)

Winchester has decided to do a beer tent in June…June 2nd and 3rd. I know you play on Saturday. Would you be available Friday?

Mark, Deb & I want to thank you for playing "Melt With You" (and for the call-out from the stage). There's a reason why you have friends rather than fans. As usual, we had a real good time and hope to see you often during "indoor season". Thank you again.
-dancin' Dave and the Deb

Mark. Good show Friday. Next year the date at St Greg's is June 16. Same thing with Old Home Days next July.

Hi Mark, Just finalizing Sunday at the Taste. Can you play 12pm - 3pm on July 9th? Let me know and we'll be done for a few months. Lol Thanks,

Voted for you in the WNY Awards! Thanks for all the fun times.

Good morning Mark. We are just wondering if we have a commitment from you for next year Friday Evening (in addition to Sunday night)?
Dennis (Clarence Center CCFD)

Looking to book your band to change it up for our party Aug 25th , 2017 in Tonawanda. We spoke with you last week at your show. Please let us know if you are available|

I am interested in booking Hit n Run for our new club. I will send you some available dates.

Hi Mark, Are you available July 1st to play? Let me know asap. Thanks,

Do you play benefits. Please call me and let me know.

My daughter is getting married next year and loves your band. Can you let me know your rates and availability in June 2017?

Hello, I was just following up on Jennifer’s previous email. As she had mentioned, sadly, she has left the company and I have taken over her position. I was just double checking to see if you would be available for our Christmas Party on Dec. 10th at 6:30pm. If you could let me know either way that would be great! Have a wonderful day!

Renegade last Friday was awesome.

Mark & HnR, Here is a small monochrome gallery i put up on Facebook.
I want to thank you for all the support you have given me over the years. I have taken many images of You and HnR over the years but last nights group of shots felt different from any other i have done before. The crowd shots I sent you I hope are worthy of your consideration and maintain the Friends at shows that you have captured over the years. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to come up on stage to get some great images.
Daniel J Ruggiero (Hitman Photography)

Hi Mark, Awesome Job! I can’t thank Hit n Run enough for participating in Burgerfest this year. We really appreciate how hard you guys worked to ensure our event was a huge success. While the final numbers are not in, all indications are that this will be a record year. We are especially excited that Hit n Run will be playing Burgerfest again next year. BTW next years Burgerfest is scheduled for Saturday, July 15, 2017, looking forward to having you back. Thank you again

You need to lock in with me now for our show

I saw you guys are nominated at WNY awards. Unfortunately, I already voted before your names were up and it wont allow me to change it. You may want to let your fans know.

Alden was VERY HAPPY. I love the new songs, they were AWESOME. I want to bring you back next year.

Wish you were playing closer...miss hearing the band...miss dancing. See you soon hit and run..

Hi mark! Is the party open to public this weekend?

I will be there this weekend

See you Friday
Dawn B

Cant wait for the weekend

You look so happy. Glad to see you that way.

Thanks for taking the time to say hi to me and my wife.

It is great watching Pat get the crowd into singing that 4 non blondes song, What’s Up.

Mark, great seeing you at the Fair, you guys sounded awesome as usual!! =)

Guy is rubbing off on Jason. We love the pictures with Jason wearing the hats.

How about both Friday and Saturday night next year. Lets talk. Great time. Thank you.
Peggy (Riverfest)

Hi, Mark! Hope you are well. We are planning for our January 2017 gala, and would love to ask Hit n Run to play again. Our gala will be Saturday, January 21st. When you have a minute, can you call or email me and let me know if you are available? And also, if you can let me know what your charge will be, that would be great, too. Thanks so much! Best,

Hi Mark, I work for the Kids Foundation in Williamsville. I am contacting you to see if the band would be interested in playing at a lodge in Ellicottville for 300+ people on Saturday, August 13th. I don’t know if you remember this but I sang “don’t stop believing” with you guys on stage at the Yellow Jaguar for my birthday! You know my dad, Frank. We always come to beer tents in the summer to see you guys! Anyway, Jim is having a party at his lodge and we are looking for live music. Please let me know if you are interested, thank you for your time!

Hi Mark, Awesome Job! I can’t thank Hit n Run enough for participating in Burgerfest this year. We really appreciate how hard you guys worked to ensure our event was a huge success. While the final numbers are not in, all indications are that this will be a record year. We are especially excited that Hit n Run will be playing Burgerfest again next year. BTW next years Burgerfest is scheduled for Saturday, July 15, 2017, looking forward to having you back. Thank you again

Great job last night dude. I love the energy you guys create. Take care Mark
Rick S

Hi Mark, I just left you a voice mail about playing at Hollowfest next year. We would like you to play on Monday, July 3rd our closing night. I believe Paul contacted you and asked for the 4th, however our event ends on the 3rd. Are you available? If not, can you do the 1st or 2nd? I need to know asap. Can you please respond to me either way by tomorrow? Thanks,

That was the biggest crowd we ever had for a concert in the park.

What a great show on Saturday! It was so great to see and hear you guys again! My friends all loved it.
Michelle F

See you on Friday at 7 for Holy Helpers.

I am in

I am coming this weekend

What a great job at Burgerfest. No breaks and if we did not have a record crowd, it was close to one.

You need to find a way to make it back to Taste of Buffalo next year. Your band does such a great job.

Good time.

Good looks just run in the Valentino family. Great Pic!

hi mark i dont know if you got my last message but i was wondering if you could get a pink t shirt size large and put it aside until august when you play at infant of prague on august 27th. it is for my sister sandy her birthday is august 28th.also could you have all the band members sign it too.I would really appreciate it. thanks

Chris is one HOT drummer Happy birthday

One of our best 5 ever at Queen of Heaven.
Terry G

It is crazy how many people you get at your shows

It's gonna be a beautiful night for some music in the beer tent!

Hey Mark!
Terry M

Make sure you keep next year open for us. Great Job and you bring in and keep the people here.

That Guy. He is one of the best.

Man I have get out to see yous been busy summer.I usually at least three lawn fete by now

Great pictures heard it was Great as usual

What ever happened to that long haired guitar player I saw you with last year? The new guy you have it pretty damn good!

Hi Mark We are all set for Burgerfest. I have attached the parking passes We have scheduled Hit n Run to start performing at 7:30 and ending at 11:30 pm. West of the Mark will be performing immediately before you, between 3:30 & 6:30. Indigo Productions, will be providing all the amps, drum set-up, mics, and mixing. You can pull into the driveway to the Village parking lot, from Union Street between Buffalo and Center Streets. Pull up behind the stage, park and unload there. If you need anything else or would like your check made out differently please let me know. See you at Burgerfest.

Hi, Mark – yes – we are taking it back to the Casino in Niagara Falls. The Casino will provide their AV system, with the stage and lighting and sound system included. I’m so excited that you are available! Please verify when you can, and let me know your charges. Your drummer, Chris, is the son of my best friend’s husband – such a nice kid! (I say “kid” only because of MY age…) Best,

Fabulous job. Keep us in mind for 2017 for the Taste of Buffalo!

Hello Mark, It was a nice experience for me. Looked like you and your band were enjoying it as well. Regards,

You guys look like you're still pack them in.
Joe P

I will be in town and trying to make it to a show with some local friends. Let me know where you are playing.
Sandy C

I will be at Hamburg

Sounds good Mark. I may see you in Hamburg this weekend!
Gregg Novak

You’ll see me this weekend

coming we are going to make this fun and old school!! Can't wait to see everyone !!

I'm gonna try & make it out Thursday but I will for sure see u Saturday!! Lol

We will be there!!! Can't wait to see you!!! XO

You made me a star. My friends all could not believe that I was on stage with Hit and Run and that I work with you. My girlfriends were all like, you know him. Even my uncle always says what a great voice and band you have.

We will be at Old Home Days!!
Rick S

Hi Mark awesome last night in williamsville old home days. Can't wait to listen to u all at infant of Prague lawn fete next month for weekend of my birthday.
Sandy L

Mark, did you get chance to look at schedule? Any September/ October dates?
Bryan Page (The Cove)

Hi Mark, I'm writing to see if you're available for our Christmas Party this year which is scheduled for December 10th at 6:30pm. Thank you,
Jennifer R

Hey Mark , next summer town of Royalton celebrate with 150 years , I was thinking of a tent party in July ,think about it .thanx

Community Days 6/24/17, Winchester 9/9/17. Thanks buddy

Company installation is going to be January 14th, 2017
Joe K

Thank you for your performance Friday, it was a wonderful evening.

Great show as expected. Hope everyone survived the heat. See you again at Old Home Days.

Hi Mark, This is Taz’s wife, our youngest is getting married. Do you still do weddings, she is one of your biggest fans. And you did such an amazing job at the last one. She is not sure on the date, but looking at the Pearl Street or the Hotel Lafayette next fall. Would either of these places be a problem and what is the cost? Thank you.
Nancy M

So I'm rounding up the crew for old home days. Jen is definitely coming, can you please play bad romance at some point please and she will do her routine, please and thank you?? Happy wknd!

Hi Mark, We are all set for Burgerfest. I have attached the parking passes. We have scheduled Hit n Run to start performing at 7:30 and ending at 11:30 pm. West of the Mark will be performing immediately before you, between 3:30 & 6:30. Indigo Productions, will be providing all the amps, drum set-up, mics, and mixing. You can pull into the driveway to the Village parking lot, from Union Street between Buffalo and Center Streets. Pull up behind the stage, park and unload there. See you at Burgerfest.

Mark, you drew too many people last night. You know I'm not used to all that work serving that much beer :-)
Mark T

holy couldnt even move in that damn beer tent lol

Fabulous concert tonight so talented

So awesome to see everyone!!! Had a fabulous time!!
Jen K

Don't stop believing!

17 years in a row with the wife here at Queen of heaven!!! Keep it rolling Mark Valentino!!!

Going and it will be fun

Hoping to feel better by Old Homes Days!!

See you this Saturday

Might go to Old Home Days

Hello! I just left a voicemail on the number on your website. My sister's boyfriend is planning on proposing to her tomorrow at Queen of Heaven and we thought it would be cool if we got the band involved. I know you play a ton of good love songs so maybe you could call them on stage? Just seeing if you could help us out to create a special moment for them! If you could give me a call back, that would be awesome. Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon.

I heard you guys did very well. I was glad to hear that because I recommended you guys back in January. Hope you are back again next year, I know they want you back for 2017.

You Rock!

You guys do, Proud to be an American (God Bless the USA) better than the original.

Wouldn’t miss your show!

Cant wait for this weeks show

Thank you to Mark and the rest of the band, Hit N Run! We sold so many beers the night you were at Bishop Timon. It is a great thing.

I was very happy to see the tent overflowing at the St Marys show.

Would we be able to book Hit 'N Run for July 30th?

Good afternoon Mark, I am replying to an old email exchange we had in hopes you remember us! My name is Keith and usually myself and a couple buddies come out to Buffalo from the Boston area to see the Pats/Bills game as well as attend your show. We were not able to make it out last year as my wife was expecting our third child but all systems are a go for this year. The Pats/Bills are playing on 10/30 this season we are looking to snag tickets once they go on sale and setup the rest of the weekend. Anyway, I hope all is well and looking forward to seeing you guys play again. Thanks!

It looks like Dave had a GREAT time.

Hi Mark, My name is Mike and I work for Outer Harbor Buffalo. We are interested in booking Hit N Run for our July 4th Party at Wilkeson Pointe, 225 Fuhrmann Blvd. Would you be interested in preforming? Thank you,

Go get 'em, Mark!! Hope you have a great time at the summer shows this year. I'll try to make it out to a couple. BTW--7th Heaven has regrouped (new bassist) and we have our first show back TONITE here in Rochester! We'll be at Attitudes in Lockport later this month..Rock on,
Terry :-)

Great time at Santoras

We had a blast! You guys put on a hell of a show. Thanks for the schedule; we’ll definitely try to make it out again.
Dan K

Saw you at St Mary’s on the lake, Your band is fantastic. We had such a great time!

Thanks so much Mark you guys rock.

Great crowd

Hi Mark, Would you be able to send me any open dates you have available for Friday or Saturday nights from here until the end of the year (or, as far out as you can tell)? We are gathering together more dates here at Santora's to fill our calendar. I know you may not have many open, so let me know if there is anything. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! Sincerely,

Hey Mark, Hope all is well. Wanted to reach out to you in regards to a new club, The new ownership group are a solid team and a pleasure to work with. Booking the national acts which will include Rock bands in 2016, the venue would like to get Hit & Run back on the schedule and like to work with you again when we start confirming some national acts this fall. Your consideration is greatly appreciated!!

Is Hit n Run available for St Ameilia’s again. Your band did a fantastic job last year and we want to see if you are interested in returning on Friday, Sept 9th for our event.

Hi Mark - Hope all is well with you. I'm booking the calendar for a new club. Inquiring about HNR interest and availability. Music through the summer on Tue Fri and Sat. 6-9pm. Thoughts? Thanks! –

Jeff sounded great. I did not even notice from the music there was anything different or anyone filling in.

Hi Mark, Hope all is well. I know this is really late but I hope you are available for Sat, Aug 6 for the annual Wings Flight BBQ.

Can you let me know what is the best way to find out the exact starting time and additional information about upcoming shows?

Thank you so much. You guys Rocked it. We will be looking into our event for next year. We hope you will be available and join us once again
Tracy (Make a Wish)

Are you available for a July 3rd party right on the lake? I will make it worth your time and it would make it easier to get you in on other dates.

Can you do a Wed in June or July. I have a couple of good size groups coming in and wanna know if Hit n Run can play at Banchetti’s grooving in the grove. We will have over 500 people with you guys

Looking at a girls night out at Bishop Timon. The nurses need some relaxation time away from work.

If your date changes, let me know. If not we will keep you in mind for next year.

Glad to see you added Sweet Child of mine. One of my favorites.

Thanks Mark – the pictures are awesome. Just like you and your band. Really enjoyed listening to you guys.

Is there a cover for the show this weekend?

We are having a private party and wanted to see your rates and availability.

We would like to see if besides the Sunday, if Hit n Run would be willing to play the opening Friday too.

Jay is a great player. I am glad that he is doing so well with HNR.
Jim W

Purple Rain sounded great. I hope that you keep that in the normal play list.

Will the band be playing at the Erie County Fair again this year. We always see you at the Firemans night

I think the band needs to do a Grease song.

I have to bring all the workers out to see Hit n Run soon.

Mark, The committee is very excited that you will be able to join us again this year. When do you think I can expect your insurance information? Have a nice day,
Cheryl - Great Race

C O N G R A T ' S on the recognition of being the best. You guys will be like the group that was big back in my time -(the late 70's and 80's) " Cock Robin" . They played at the Moog bash. Keep it up- you'll be part of WNY's history.
Joe P

Hi Mark Just confirming you have the 30th Annual Moonlight Run on your Calendar for Wednesday August 17,2016. Being our 30th year we are expecting an even bigger crowd than ever before. Thank You!

Thank you so much and thank you for reaching out to me. Would you be able to hold that date for us and I will let you know by the end of next week?
Debbie P (SJV)

Hi Mark, I had previously inquired about rates for performing at a wedding and whether Hit and Run might be available to perform. Now that we are through the holidays, my fiance and I are trying to move forward in our planning. We had the chance to watch you play at Santora's? Our wedding is at the Hotel Lafayette. We are hoping to have a band for 4 hours during open bar. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,

The committee will be looking to confirm bands next week and can let you know. We would be looking for you to play from 7-11pm and just need your cost. Thanks,

That’s awesome Mark! Hit n Run will always be #1 in Buffalo

Is the band available July 22?

We are looking to book your band. I want to obtain price and booking information.

Hi Mark. I was wondering if in June you can play at the Millgrove Firehall. I am turning 50. My son in law is 25. His mom and Rays bdays are in June also. Bob at Millgrove said you have played there before and are welcome.

Awesome!! Congrats!

What a crowd at the Cove. You guys Rocked the house!

Hi Mark, Thanks for getting back to me! I have your schedule on our potential calendar - I will be talking to Paul in the next day or so to start getting dates locked down. You should be hearing from us hopefully tomorrow, but definitely before the end of the week. Thanks, again! Sincerely,

No doubt. The best band around

Are you playing at Santora’s or St Mary’s fundraiser on 4/16? You have the same date on your calendar.

Totally agree. Hit and Run is the best!

Awesome band, The award was well deserved. My friends and I stop out for a girls night out all of the time.

I wanted to get information on booking Hit n Run for a the St Peter and Paul 5K race on May 21. Please call me at your earliest convenience.

Hey, we are doing a beer tent June 18th. I see you are booked, can you recommend another band? Maybe try and book something with you guys next year. Short notice this year.

We want to add a few more Hit n Run dates at the Cove. April 23rd and May 27th or 28th.

Hi mark, any interest in doing a Rockstarz date?

Mark Thank you for returning our contract. As you said, this will be a great combination for our last show of the summer. Looking forward to it. By the way, for your show we are having an enhanced light show.
Rick (Gateway Harbor series, concerts on the canal)

That was a great show. Lots of fun.

We would like to have you play Saturday, July 2nd. Can you let me know if Hit n Run is available.

I don't know about you but the older I get, the more I cherish these relationships. Things good? Your girlfriend seems so so so so wonderful

I am a friend of Pat Annunziata’s. We are doing a benefit on July 23rd (in Franklinville for Mercy Flight from 6-9) and want to see if we can book your band.
Mike T

Hi Mark, I am one of the co-directors of the Great Race. We have had our first committee meeting and by unanimous vote we would like to know if Hit n Run is available this year to perform at the Great Race. If you could please let me know if this is a possibility that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mark, If you play from 530 to 9 that's fine and if you need to break for a bit during that time it is also fine. No need for you to have someone come in to fill that time from 5 to 530. I have a sound guy in prior to you I’ll just get him to stay a little longer since he will be set up already. Thanks,

Great band. Thanks for many years of great music .
Dawn M

Even the sound men.

Mark , me and Bryan were talking , really enjoy having you guys were wondering if April 23 and May 27th or 28tj are open ?? To keep hit n run on a every month schedule (at the Cove.)

Hi Mark, I met with Paul, and here are the dates we'd like to book you for. Let me know that they still work and we are confirmed for all April 22nd, June 10th, September 30th, October 15th, December 9th Thank you!

Amen Brotha

What, no Sat outing (show?)

Mark. Attached find the contract for your 8/24/16 date at Gateway. As you know, the first band will be A-List. Please coordinate the stage set up for that night with them. Please sign and return the contract as requested on the paperwork. Contact me with any questions. Thank you
Rick (Gateway Harbor series, concerts on the canal.)

Miss that Voice

Hey Mark! So when I have a party are you guys in? Adrienne would love me forever if we made that happen. Ha!
Brian G

Have a great show this weekend!

Mark, can you call me? I want to see if you can get me some information on my Marshall Stack.

Mark, As per our conversation, our picnic date is set. The picnic runs from 2-9 and we would like you to play from 5-9pm. Please send me any info.

Hello, Paul has asked me to reach out to you to obtain your group's availability for the whole year (as far as you can tell) so that we can get you booked and on our calendar. I know it's early, but if you're able to get me your availability for as far out as you can, that would be much appreciated! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely,

Dear Mark: The committee is well pleased with your services and most likely will ask you to return. Just can't say which day. It goes without saying I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to seeing you.

Hi Mark, We exchanged a few emails back and forth back in 2014 about your availability for a wedding this coming summer. I know you had previously said that a summer wedding would be exceedingly difficult given your prior commitments to lawn fete's etc but that you might be able to do something as you know my mother (Helene) and my fiancés father (Brad). I wanted to reach out and ask again if you would be available. If you are still not available, would you have any recommendations for anyone else who might be a good option. Thank you very much.

We are looking to see if your band is interested in performing at St Marys in 2016. The beer tent is usually packed and want to see if Hit N Run is available from 7-11

Simple Minds and Sweet Child of mine! Two great new songs that are some of my favorites. Now bring back Paralyzer.

Just checking in to make sure that we are all set for the Fundraiser.

Mark, New phone, so you should had received my text. It would be great to have you guys on Thursday at OHD. This year I will not be putting the brakes on the party. Looking forward to the best damn party in Williamsville

I Love You Hit n Run! Over 400 people at the Yellow Jaguar on a Friday in January.

I would like to get more information on booking Hit n Run for one of our events. Please call me at xxx-xxxx

Hotel California was freaking awesome. It sounded great and the harmony leads with Jason was outstanding. Perfect timing with what happened with the Eagles this week.

Hi Mark, Yes, I can wait until February. Would you please shoot us over a photo? Thank you,

I am interested in seeing if Hit n Run is available for a show

Hi My name is Mike and I would like to book Hit n Run on a date in August. My number is below

I have new more new songs that I love that you guys added.

I hope this is the right contact for the band Hit n Run. We have a date that we would think your band would help us bring in a lot of people. I would like to discuss it with you further. Please email me back or call me.

I have a large group of friends coming to the Cove this week.

I need to get out of the house and have some fun. So we will be out this weekend.

We are looking at June 11th for the Crabapple. Can you let me know if this works for you? Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

I have you down for a 9pm start at the Cove. We never discuss an ending time because it is never an issue with Hit n Run. You always play longer and that is never an issue with me.

Born to Run was great. I was a huge Springsteen fan.

Mark - Good to hear Hit N' Run will be part of the 2016 Picnic. The Picnic Committee definitely wants you to play on Saturday and Friday if you would like to do two days,. Please let me know what you would like to do. Concerning the sound guy - we would like to hire one man for all three days. I have a card from David G. I am willing to work to satisfy your requirements. Thanks.
Deacon Jim

We are interested in booking Hit n Run this summer. I can be reached at the following number.

Great show at the Yellow Jag. I needed to get out and dance. I could not believe how many people were there.

I love the new songs. It is a breathe of fresh air

You may have noticed I added you to an invite on March 12th at the cove which you are already playing. we are trying to do a little something to brighten the days

How about 7/2? Is it a possibility to have Hit n Run play on the Saturday?

The addition of those new songs was lots of fun. My favorite was Always something there to remind me. How did Pat get that mechanical sound from his microphone or his keyboard?

I will see you guys at the Jaguar this Fri.

It is my friends daughters 21st birthday and we are celebrating at the Yellow Jaguar. Can you give her some special treatment for her birthday and get her on stage?

See you this weekend.

Mark, Yes the two dates at the fair are good. Wed August 10 and Friday August12. Please let me know that you received this email. Thank you

Mark...we just had a meeting this week and yes, we would like your band for this year again!

Mark, can we book you for Sat November 12th. 2016 for my daughters wedding? The wedding will be at the foundry on Elmwood.
Mike P

Hi Mark, Attached is the schedule for the 2016. It's going to be a great one with Hit n Run. Thanks,

Mark - Please let me know as soon as possible if Hit N' Run is interested in playing our 2016 Picnic. Thanks.

Natalie is getting married on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at the old Route 5. She wants to know if you are booked that day because if you are not she wants to call the bar owner to book Hit n Run that day.

Hey Mark, Had a great time at the party. You guys rocked. Merry Christmas!
Jeff & Leah

Thank you so much for playing at PCB. We had a very nice time, thank you, as I hope you and your friend did… She is a very pretty woman and seems to make you happy
Nancy D

Thanks Mark , you and the band were terrific, pencil us in for next year thanks

Hi Mark, I was reviewing the date for 2016, and confirming that we are all set. Thanks!

So far the feedback seems great! J You guys did a great job

How about having the A-List? It would be a great night (with Hit n Run at the Grand Finale’ Harbor series concerts?)

Hey Rudy Valentino, I have Friday January 29, Saturday Feb 13th (Valentine’s), Saturday March 21st St Patties Day.

Mark, Great to hear from you. We hope to have you and the rest of Hit n Run on Thursday, 7/14 in 2016. This year I will not stop the party early.

Pencil us in for Sat. Oct. 8th. Always Columbus Day weekend

Yes, we are all set for September buddy. Put it in your calendar.

Mark I want to book you for the fair, I will make it right

Mark, I want to see if Hit n Run is willing to do both shows Friday and Saturday at Annunciation in 2016. If not which you prefer Friday or Saturday. I also want to see if we can provide sound, if that is acceptable

These photos are awesome ! I think they speak for themselves with how much fun everyone had. Thanks for being such a good sport with the elf outfit
Mike P


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